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Few people know how to find a good patent attorney. Even fewer know how much they “should” pay. Too many people either go with a random recommendation, or get discouraged and never follow their dreams.


Submit a quick narrative of your idea to Patent Monk. We’ll work with you to filter the thousands of patent attorneys across the country to the few best for you. At the cost you want, and the experience to get it done.

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Patent attorneys specialize in hundreds of different technologies. We cut through the law firm PR machine and tell you who's filed 100 patents in your technology field, and who's faking.

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On your own, you'll never know if an attorney is good or bad...till it's too late. At Patent Monk, read real reviews from former clients and decide who'll work best with you.

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Stop paying $450/hr for shoddy work. Filing a patent doesn't have to cost a fortune, when attorneys have to compete with each other for your business. Their loss, is your gain.

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